Services performed in my office, pickup & delivery available. Your computer receives more care and time for a flat fee on my bench rather than an hourly rate in your home or office. However, your computer may spend few days in my office.

Basic Computer Tune Up
$40 – $60
Includes updating, cleaning and tuning. Removal of basic viruses and junkware.

A severely infected computer may incur additional cost, but will preserve the programs and settings you have. Consider a system restore with a data recovery to be more secure.

System Restore & Updates
$60 – $80
Make your computer new again, with a system restore. No disc needed for windows 10. Using your restore and driver cdroms.

Data Backup & Restore
$20 min
Pictures, Music, Contacts, Email, Favorites and databases. Multiple users may incur additional cost.

Standard Hardware Repairs
The following are rough estimates only. With your model number, I can provide you a solid quote.
Hard drive replacement $150. Laptop screen $150. Laptop fan $75. Laptop battery or power cord $25.

Data Recovery, Specialized Systems and Programs billed hourly.

Hourly Rate
$40.00 ~ Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
$80.00 ~ Sunday, Monday and After hours
$100.00 ~ Holidays

Travel Charge for On-site Services
Min $20.00 + $1/mile after 20 miles from my office